Jumbo frames on Quanta LB6M

Enable jumbo frames for layer2 traffic:

(FASTPATH Routing) #config

(FASTPATH Routing) (Config)#interface 0/1-0/28

(FASTPATH Routing) (Interface 0/1-0/28)#mtu 9216

(FASTPATH Routing) (Interface 0/1-0/28)#exit

(FASTPATH Routing) (Config)#exit

Enable jumbo frames for routed traffic:

(FASTPATH Routing) #show ip interface brief

Interface    State  IP Address      IP Mask         Method
----------   -----  --------------- --------------- -------
2/1          Up   Manual

(FASTPATH Routing) (Config)#interface 2/1

(FASTPATH Routing) (Interface 2/1)#ip mtu 9198

Remember to save your config:

(FASTPATH Routing) #write mem

This operation may take a few minutes.
Management interfaces will not be available during this time.

Are you sure you want to save? (y/n) y

Config file 'startup-config' created successfully .

Configuration Saved!

Raspberry Pi Dragino LoRa/GPS Hat + DS18B20 temperature sensor

Wanted to log the temperature with the LoRa gateway pi, but had to use another gpio since gpio4 was already in use for the Dragino LoRa/GPS Hat.

Just solder the DS18B20 sensor as in the image (the blue resistor is a 4k7 ohm pullup between data and +3v3).

And then add the following to /boot/config.txt


Reboot and you will find the sensor in /sys/bus/w1/devices/.